About Us

DiTech has been the leading and trusted partner for providing SEC & EDGAR filing services to leading organizations. We know what it takes to make a difference in your business. Our quality-driven approach combined with a strong focus on process has helped several businesses achieve their goals.
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Our Journey
DiTech Financial Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of its parent organization “DiTech Process Solutions”. We are one of the leading service providers for financial document conversions and typesetting to public organizations to meet their regulatory compliance set by the financial institutions and we consistently deliver with unmatched service quality levels.

Till date, It has been a remarkable journey of providing our world-class publishing services to 100+ clients from 50+ countries.

From 2017, We started offering iXBRL conversions to our clients in order to meet the new compliance requirements mandated by the SEC. We also started offering our real-time conversion tracking system in order to increase the transparency in data reporting.

In 2020, we have revamped our entire conversion process through cloud-based automation which helps our financial experts and clients to make real-time changes in the EDGAR documents.

What we do?


DiTech provides conversion for EDGAR(HTML) and filing services. This involves converting electronic and paper documents into the HTML(EDGAR) format and filing them in SEC.



DiTech has been a service provider of choice for over 5 years to various US-based filing agents and has been at the forefront in implementing XBRL solutions for its US-based clients.



DiTech has been offering Inline XBRL services to Large Accelerated filers, Accelerated filers, and Non-Accelerated filers as SEC has been mandating the iXBRL standards.


Typesetting & Proxy Hosting

DiTech offers proxy solutions for Investor and shareholder communications supporting last minute changes for organizations.


Document Management

DiTech has been always choice of filing agents for their document preparation since our experience pool of talent deliver the world class services with timely manner.


Product & Technology

DiTech believes in technology. Technology can reduce the Turn Around Time, increase the Quality Level and Financial Benefits to customers.


We Help You With The Best Strategies & Execution